• Project 1: “Gratitude Grooves”

    Project 1: “Gratitude Grooves”

    Theme: This compilation album will focus on the theme of gratitude and thankfulness. We’re looking for tracks that express appreciation, celebrate blessings, or reflect on the things we’re grateful for. Style: We’re looking for music with a groove. Otherwise, we’re open to all styles. Instrumental or songs with vocals are welcome. Call for Submission: Artists,…

  • From Tapegerm to 2023: The Evolution of DIY Music

    From Tapegerm to 2023: The Evolution of DIY Music

    Since its humble beginnings, the DIY music scene has experienced a significant transformation. What started as a means for independent musicians to circumvent traditional music industry gatekeepers has evolved into a vibrant and diverse global community. This evolution has been driven in part by the advent of new technologies, shifts in consumer behaviour, and the…

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